Dry coolers to revolutionize cooling systems: GDI signs distributorship agreement with LU-VE Group

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Jun 24, 2020
Geothermal Development & Investment Inc.


Dry coolers to revolutionise cooling systems:
GDI signs distributorship agreement with LU-VE Group


Geothermal Development & Investment Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomofumi Ono; hereinafter ‘GDI’) has concluded a distributorship agreement with the Italian LU-VE Group (Head Office: Varese, Italy), which boasts a large share of the global market in the field of heat exchangers for industrial cooling, refrigeration and air-conditioning, and will begin providing dry coolers.

Dry cooler of LU-VE Group

■ Purpose of entering into the Distribution Agreement

GDI invests in geothermal power projects, creates, and operates geothermal power projects in collaboration with local communities, and designs and operates geothermal power plants. The company also imports and sells generators and various equipment from overseas.

This time, we have concluded a distributorship agreement with LU-VE Group, which allows us to provide dry coolers developed and manufactured by LU-VE Group as sales agents in Japan for geothermal development.

There are two types of cooling systems: air-cooled (dry coolers) and water-cooled. Although the water-cooled system has superior cooling performance and efficiency, there is a risk of the outbreak of Legionella and the burden of operating costs related to water management is an issue. At the same time, air-cooled systems have not been widely used in Japan, as they have lower cooling performance and efficiency.
However, LU-VE Group's innovative technologies have enabled us to achieve the equivalent performance and efficiencies in air-cooling systems as in hybrid water-cooling systems.

At present, many cooling systems in Europe are air-cooled. They are not limited to geothermal power generation, but are used in many industries, such as industrial waste heat power generation. We believe that the widespread use of air-cooled cooling towers will have an impact on the Japanese industry. GDI aims to transform Japanese cooling systems from water cooling to air cooling by promoting the use of air-cooled cooling towers with LU-VE Group that are superior in performance, efficient, easy to operate, and environmentally friendly. In addition, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, which is the Group's philosophy.

■ About LU-VE Group
Since its founding in 1986, LU-VE Group has introduced new methods for devising and manufacturing refrigeration and air-conditioning products using industry-leading technologies. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative technology and high-quality heat exchangers, the company is headquartered in Varese, Italy, and has manufacturing facilities in nine countries: Italy, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, India, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. It is an international company with sales companies in fourteen countries.

■ Stakeholder Overview

(1) LU-VE Group

Company Name : LU-VE Group
Head Office : Via Caduti della Liberazione, 53 21040 Uboldo - Varese - Italy
Website : https://www.luvegroup.com/

(2) Geothermal Development & Investment Inc.


Company Name : Geothermal Development & Investment Inc.
Representative : Tomofumi Ono
Established In : March 2015
Capital : 47 million yen
Head Office :〒105-0014 6th Floor, Shiba-Koen ND Bldg., 2-5-10 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Businesses : Investments in geothermal power generation projects, etc.
Website : https://www.chinetsu.com/en/company.html

■ Inquiries regarding this release

GPSS Public Relations Office
Email : pr@gpss.jp
TEL :03-6435-2391
[GPSS Group]
Based on the corporate philosophy of ‘Realizing a Sustainable Society by Utilizing Sustainable Energy,’ GPSS Group, develops, arranges, and invests in power generation projects using sustainable energy.





株式会社地熱開発がLU-VE Groupと販売代理店契約を締結


株式会社地熱開発(本社:東京都港区、代表取締役:大野 友史 、以下「地熱開発」)は、熱交換、冷却及び空調分野で世界的に高いシェアを誇るイタリアのLU-VE Group(本社:イタリア、ヴァレーゼ)と販売代理店契約を締結し、空冷式冷却塔の提供を開始いたします。

LU-VE Groupの空冷式冷却塔



この度のLU-VE Groupとの販売代理店契約締結は、LU-VE Groupが開発・製造する空冷式冷却塔について、地熱開発が日本国内において販売代理店として提供することができるというものです。


他方で、従来から空冷式は冷却性能・効率において水冷式には及ばず、日本では普及が進んでいないのが現状です。しかし、今日ではLU-VE Groupの革新的技術開発を通じて、空冷式でも水冷式に近い性能、効率を発揮することができるようになりました。


私たち地熱開発は、性能・効率に優れかつ運用が容易で環境にも配慮されたLU-VE Groupの空冷式冷却塔を普及させることにより、日本の冷却システムを「水冷」から「空冷」に変革させることを目指しております。ひいては、グループ理念である持続可能な社会の実現に貢献してまいります。

■LU-VE Groupについて

LU-VE Groupは、1986年に創立後、今では業界水準となった先駆的な技術を用いて、冷凍・空調製品を考案および製造する新しい方法の導入を行いました。同社は、革新的な技術と高い品質を保つ熱交換器分野における世界的主要メーカーとして、イタリアのヴァレーゼに本社を置き、イタリア、中国、チェコ共和国、フィンランド、インド、ポーランド、ロシア、スウェーデン、米国の9か国に製造施設を備えている他、14か国に販売会社を持つ国際企業です。


(1) LU-VE Group

会社名    : LU-VE Group
本社所在地  : Via Caduti della Liberazione, 53 21040 Uboldo - Varese - Italy
ホームページ : https://www.luvegroup.com/

2) 株式会社地熱開発

会社名    :株式会社地熱開発
代表者   :代表取締役 大野 友史
設立     :2015年3月
資本金    :47百万円
本社所在地  :〒105-0014
東京都港区芝2丁目5番10 芝公園NDビル6階
事業内容   :地熱発電プロジェクトへの投資等
ホームページ :https://www.chinetsu.com/

GPSSグループ 広報室
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