A binary generator that provides maximum power output within the scope of deregulation

The PC280 is a binary generator specialized in geothermal power generation. It was designed and manufactured by a major U.S. jet engine manufacturer that meets the highest level of safety and stability. In addition, it is one of the few mass-produced generators that has proven its stability and high operating rate in different parts of the world.

Fixed output power of 280kW

Up to 280 kW of electricity can be generated by water and steam at temperatures between 91°C and 149°C.

Easy maintenance

The shell-and-tube heat exchanger, developed for geothermal applications, allows for easy and quick maintenance.

Minimal installation cost & fast delivery

Short delivery time and minimal installation cost. Since this is a mass-produced generator, we have achieved a short delivery time of 2 to 3 months. This contributes to a significant reduction in the time required for installation.


Binary generator capable of generating energy from various low temperature sources

Electra Therm, Inc. is a clean energy company headquartered in Nevada, USA. Geothermal Development Co., Ltd. is the only authorized importer and distributor of Electra Therm’s binary generator POWER+GENERATOR (Organic Rankine Cycle) in Japan. The POWER+GENERATOR can generate up to 120kW of electricity from water at temperatures ranging from 77°C to 116°C.

Power generation from low-temp source

By utilizing a lower boiling point medium, it generates energy from water at temperatures that were previously considered unsuitable for power generation (77°C).

Package type

The generator and cooling tower are sold as a package, which contributes to a lower cost of installation and a shorter time for the project conclusion.

Low cost

We were able to achieve competitive prices of 36 million yen for 75kW output generators and 45 million yen for 120kW output generators by reducing costs through mass production, without impacting the product’s quality.


High global market share in heat exchange, cooling, and air conditioning

After its establishment in 1986, Lu-ve Group used pioneering technology to introduce new ways of creating and manufacturing refrigeration and air conditioning products. Today, that method became the industry standard. Headquartered in Varese, Italy, Lu-ve Group is an international company with manufacturing facilities in nine countries – Italy, China, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and the United States – and selling products in 14 countries.

Air-cooling type

The air-cooling system eliminates operational costs associated with water quality control to prevent the outbreak of Legionella bacteria. In Europe, many cooling towers are already using this system.

Solid technical capabilities

The combination of heat exchange tubes and special aluminum in an optimum ratio has achieved three things: improvement of cooling performance, reduction of power consumption, and reduction of noise. Dry operation and spray operation can be switched according to the ambient temperature, and the water volume can be operated from one third to one tenth of the necessary volume for a normal water-cooling tower.

Global standard certifications

In 2020, LU-VE S.p.A., a LUVE GROUP company responsible for air cooling towers, became the first company in Europe to receive the Eurovent “Certify All” certification. This certification confirms the performance and conformity of its entire range of products to international standards. In addition, they also obtained certifications for energy management systems and quality assurance.


Binary Generators with Uniquely Designed Radial Outflow Turbines

EXERGY researches, develops, and manufactures binary generators (ORCs) with an original radial outflow turbine design created with advanced technology. EXERGY’s turbines deliver up to 20% more capacity than stand-alone turbines. In addition, the patented mechanical design allows for longer bearing life, resulting in higher utilization throughout the year.

Rated output power of 1MW~28MW

11 types of mediums can be used to cover a temperature range of 90℃ to 350℃, depending on the heat source temperature and application.

Innovative Technology

Our uniquely designed multi-stage, high-efficiency radial outflow turbine has achieved the world’s highest level of power generation efficiency for a binary generator at 30%.

Case Studies

The Binary Generator has been installed in 54 facilities around the world, resulting in a total of 475MW.