As an engineering company in the GPSS group, we will take on the challenge of optimizing all aspects of quality, cost, and schedule.
Through dialogue with the local residents, who are the joint project partners, we will make useful proposals from an engineering standpoint and construct a power plant that is environmentally friendly and loved by the community.
Action Guidelines
As an engineering company in the GPSS group, we will take on the challenge of optimizing all aspects of quality, cost, and schedule.Through dialogue with the local residents, who are the joint project partners, we will make useful proposals from an engineering standpoint and construct a power plant that is environmentally friendly and loved by the community.
Action Guidelines

Corporate Information

GPSS Engineering Inc.

Shibakoen ND Bldg. 6F, 2-5-10 Shiba,Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan

Tomofumi Ono

100,000,000 JPY

Number of Employees
166 (As of July 1st, 2023)


Main Business Operations
  • Engineering for sustainable energy generation (design, procurement, construction management, etc.)
  • Solutions to enhance electric power resilience, such as micro-grids, energy storage, and autonomous systems for remote islands using renewable energy
  • Civil, electrical, demolition, and plumbing services other than renewable energy

Our Strength

We provide a one-stop service for the design, procurement, construction, operation, and management of sustainable energy power plants.

We also provide stand-alone and flexible services for a variety of construction projects, including civil, electrical, demolition, and piping.

Through partnerships with overseas companies, we offer high quality and cutting-edge technology at a low cost.

Board Members

Representative Director   Takahiro Kurata

Received degree in Physics from Tokyo University of Science, Advanced Management Programme of INSEAD(Fontainebleau) and Renewables of Green Power Academy(London), and was employed as a rates derivative trader for Merrill Lynch and as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch’s Hedge Fund, based in both Tokyo and New York, holding the position of head of rates trading for 20 years. Also worked as an advisor of Mr. Eitaro Itoyama (senior Senator with 29 years in office and Forbes ranker) and as a board member of Mr. Itoyama’s organization for more than 5 years. After retiring from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, joined and formed the GPSS group in order to raise the rate of energy self-efficiency in Japan, as well as similar island nation states, by utilizing a combination of renewable energy (photovoltaic, geothermal, hydro, wind as well as biogas power) and serves as head of business in the group.

Director   Tomofumi Ono

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University and holds a Masters of Space Studies from the International Space University in France. He was engaged in budgeting, organization, parliamentary affairs, and space science planning at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). In addition, he was promoting the Japan-Europe Cooperative Mercury Exploration Project as Acting Director of the Paris Representative Office. At Cosmotec Co., Ltd., he constructed a geothermal power plant in Beppu as General Manager of the New Energy Business Division. After that, he joined the predecessor company of GPSS in 2015, and is devoted to geothermal development. His favorite activities include surfing, canoeing as fishing, walking with his dog, and making sushi.

Executive Director   Koso Hosoda

1990: Graduated from National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College, Department of Civil Engineering.
1990: Joined a general construction company in Kanagawa Prefecture. Engaged in construction management of public and private civil engineering works. He was also involved in the construction of Shiokaze (Odaiba) Park that was a part of the cancelled World City Exposition in Tokyo.
2000: Left the company after obtaining a national qualification.
2004: Founded a civil engineering construction company in Yokohama City. He is involved in public works and large-scale construction of housing lots. He owned many jumbo trucks and dump trucks, a dream of his since he was a child.
2013: Joined the predecessor company of GPSS Holdings at its inception. He now engages in construction management and construction work and investing in personnel development.

Executive Director   Daiki Shishido

Bachelor of Mechanical, Faculty of science and engineering, Waseda University. Joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD in 1997 and started his career in the industrial power plant such as waste to energy steam power plant, biomass power plant, combined heat and power plant, gas turbine based power plant for both domestic and oversea customers. Since 2010, he had been focusing on combined cycle gas turbine power plant for oversea utility customer. From 2017 to 2021, he had been in United Kingdom and Germany as an Expat to explore capable consortium partners and engage the agreement with them, manage the bid preparation and contract negotiation. Joined GPSS in January 2022.

Board Director   Masaaki Mezaki

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Keio University. Master of Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics (LSE), University of London, and was an interest rate derivative trader for Merrill Lynch working in Tokyo, New York and London. After leaving Merrill Lynch, travelled to more than 100 countries around the world for nearly 10 years. In 2012, set up Japan Megasolar Inc. to achieve grid parity with photovoltaic power generation. Looking to the development of renewable energy business, changed the company name to GPSS Holdings Inc. in April 2017. Also conducts educational activities for dissemination of renewable energy information through various media.


1. Technology is a comprehensive capability that includes not only the elemental technologies for engineering, but also the technologies for the execution management and operation and maintenance of each EPC for project execution.

2. We place the highest priority on the physical and mental health, safety and security of our employees and all others involved in our work.

3. As an engineering company, we have respect for technology, and we respect the opinions of people involved in technology, whether their own or those of other companies.

4. In addition to pursuing the essence of technology that is not influenced by the trends of the world, we are curious about the ever-evolving technology and have the spirit to always respond to changes.

5. The essence is the event to be solved or achieved that lies at the root of the issue or purpose, and we train our insight to understand the essence.

6. Anticipate projects, optimize overall performance, prevent problems, and take action at the right time without postponing actions that should be taken now.

7. In addition to safety, be aware of risks related to quality, cost, and schedule, and strive to control them using technology.

8. Be aware of your role and complete the tasks assigned to you, and act with an eye on what you should do for the good of the whole.

9. Act with an awareness of the benefits and outcomes for stakeholders and the organization as a whole.

10. We respect our own originality as well as the originality of others and seek to mutually influence and grow and develop together.

11. To clarify policies and objectives, and to take the initiative and act proactively in order to push forward strongly toward those objectives.

12. Consider the environment and minimize impacts at all stages of the project: design, procurement, construction, and operation.