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GPSS Engineering offers the best solutions by leveraging our comprehensive capabilities as an EPC company that meets the customers’ needs.

We also sell cutting edge technologies or products, such as binary generators and air-cooling towers. In addition to this, we provide the best solutions for our customers, including combinations with various boilers and air conditioning systems.


Binary Generator

Binary generators use hot water or steam to heat and vaporize a medium with a low boiling point and use the steam to operate a turbine to generate electricity. The electricity generated can be used within the company’s own plant or sold for the company’s revenue. The GPSS Group has business alliances with generator manufacturers in Europe and China, and has a product lineup in a wide range of power bands.


Air-Cooling Tower and Groundwater Cooler

GPSS Group also handles air-cooling towers and groundwater coolers through business partnerships with both overseas and domestic companies. It can also be used for efficient operation of power generation plants and improvement of the working environment in factories. As an EPC company, we offer the best product combination or configuration.


Steam Supply/Power Generation System Utilizing RPF, Special Fuels, etc.

Efficient steam supply is provided by utilizing recycled fuels such as waste oil, and RPF made from waste plastic and used paper. We are strengthening our sustainable proposals that reduces CO2 emissions and significantly reduce annual fuel costs (i.e., running costs) compared to fossil fuel-based power generation methods.


Realization of a regional microgrid concept

We build a wide variety of microgrid systems tailored to local characteristics. We have knowledge and experience in the installation of renewable energy power sources and related infrastructure, as well as promising global equipment for energy conservation, energy storage, and heat utilization.

Selection of the right renewable energy sources, taking into account regional characteristics
Full use of renewable energy through energy storage utilization
Strengthening local resilience