GPSS Group, Japan, and CYTOK GmbH, Germany, agree on exclusive partnership

Two innovative companies are sending a clear signal to strengthen Japanese-German economic relations. Through a cooperation agreement, they combine know-how, performance and market access and thus open up new markets.






May 29, 2023
GPSS Holdings Inc.

GPSS Group is a corporate group that aims to realize a sustainable society through energy supply business using sustainable resources such as solar, wind, small and medium-sized hydropower, geothermal, and biogas.
We consider untapped natural potentials such as water, wind, and heat in local communities as “commons*,” and under the slogan ” Beginning from the local community” we establish joint energy supply projects with communities to make society sustainable.(

*The term “commons” refers to resources that are the property of the entire society and should be maintained and managed together.

The German CYTOK GmbH is an innovative technology company and one of the few system suppliers for power-to-gas energy systems that deliver green electricity, heating and cooling from renewable sources. The globally patented technology includes an emission-free energy storage system that uses a power-to-gas technology developed in Rostock in northeastern Germany. (

GPSS Engineering Japan, a member of the GPSS Group, and CYTOK GmbH have agreed to form an exclusive partnership.

Following intensive and very trustful talks, the managing directors Tomofumi Ono of GPSS and Martin Weiss as well as Klaus Schirmer of CYTOK signed a strong and long-term partnership agreement. The agreement offers both partners the opportunity to combine their strengths in the field of innovative and sustainable plant development and thus to make field-tested power-to-gas systems available to the market.

“It is our mutual objective to set a strong signal in the fight against climate change with the combined know-how of both companies in order to keep our planet livable for future generations,” said the managing directors of CYTOK.

Takahiro Kurata, Co-CEO of the GPSS Group, said, “We would like to contribute to the world by expanding CYTOK’s technology, which is already in use in Germany, to Asia”.

CYTOK’s technology uses generated green electricity 100% decentralized on site, achieving a very high degree of utilization. This is made possible by the power-to-gas component, which enables the storage of large capacities of energy. The CYTOK system converts the green hydrogen generated in the first step without storage directly into green methane. This allows the use of existing and economical components from the natural gas technology without costly adaptations for hydrogen. This solution can be deployed immediately for the existing infrastructure and is redundant to the existing power and gas networks.

The CO2 required for methanation according to the Sabatier process is kept in a closed loop. It is captured and stored from the combustion of the self-generated methane and then used again and again in the production of methane. As a result, no CO2 emissions are produced despite the combustion of green natural gas. Furthermore, due to a special combustion process, no nitrogen oxides or fine dust are produced – the patented process is completely emission-free.


CYTOK’s sustainable energy solutions


GPSS will receive from CYTOK the exclusive right to market the patented technology in Japan, Taiwan and possibly later in other Asian countries. In addition, CYTOK will transfer its know-how and experience from the planning, installation, and commissioning of the complex plants to the new Japanese partner. GPSS thus has a unique selling point in the Asian region. In return, CYTOK receives a strong and reliable partner and, thanks to their excellent market knowledge and contacts in Asia, market access to a new mega market.

Initial pilot projects with the innovative technology are already in the planning phase and will be launched in further joint steps over the next few months.

Both companies are delighted with the new partnership and the opportunities it opens up for both of them.


GPSS Group
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Cytok GmbH